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        Welcome to Yangzhou Ouies Lighting website. Chinese | English

        About Ouies

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        Your present location: www.sydh8.com -> Download Center

        File name: Solar LED lights will replace ordinary road lights Type: pdf  Size: 84.55kb

        File name: The connection of the controller Type: pdf  Size: 240kb

        File name: Solar courtyard lamp contract case Type: doc  Size: 33kb

        Contact Us

        Alternate Text Adress:Guoji Industrial Park       , Yangzhou China
        Alternate Text Tel :0086-514-84240120 18994872232
        Alternate Text Fax :0086-514-84240120 84249503
        Alternate Text Email:ouies@ouies88.com
        Alternate Text Q Q :2657625254 1484428104

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        Link:Panoramic Statistics SOKOYO

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