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        Welcome to Yangzhou Ouies Lighting website. Chinese | English

        About Ouies

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          Yangzhou Ouies Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in urban landscape lighting, green lighting research and development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises.We are well-equipped, have advanced production technology.We have 1.5m and 0.3m spectral analysis system. At the same time we have light color comprehensive analysis system, waterproof test, salt spray test, high and low temperature test chamber, dust chamber, distributed photometer (darkroom) and other advanced detection equipments.These instruments ensure our products quality stability and reliability
          Our company is strong in technology. We have a strong technical development team. The CAD design, three-dimensional production of the application in the domestic counterparts leading position.Our after-sales service is perfect, is an honest and trustworthy, considerable size of the professional LED lighting manufacturers.We produce LED lights,solar light,street lights,landscape lights,high-pole lights,garden lights,landscape lighting lights and other high-tech energy-saving products. We wholeheartedly for the majority of new and old customers to provide quality, inexpensive products, and introduce new products.Willing to go hand in hand with you for a better tomorrow.
        Address:Guoji Industrial Park , Yangzhou China.
        Contact Us

        Alternate Text Adress:Guoji Industrial Park       , Yangzhou China
        Alternate Text Tel :0086-514-84240120 18994872232
        Alternate Text Fax :0086-514-84240120 84249503
        Alternate Text Email:ouies@ouies88.com
        Alternate Text Q Q :2657625254 1484428104

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        Link:Panoramic Statistics SOKOYO

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